Jeff is the President and CFO at Pathways. He leads the sales and finance teams and is responsible for building and maintaining the customer relationships that help Pathways thrive. Before devoting his work full-time to Pathways in 2006, he wore multiple hats in the technology industry, where he began as a Solution Consultant some 40 years ago.

His favorite memory at Pathways was during the challenging times following the collapse of Lehman Brothers. He tenaciously pursued the new CTO of the world’s largest clearing house for five months for an opportunity to help execute on her operational excellence initiative. She ended the first meeting with, “I think I know how to do this, Jeff,” which he didn’t argue but shared how change resistant the culture was and how he could help if she only gave him the chance. By the fifth month, she left him a voicemail that said, “I just spent another four hours with these people. You got your shot, Jeff. Get in there.” That one opportunity was the single moment that brought Pathways back from the brink of failure, and although she doesn’t know it, he will always be in her debt.

Outside the office, Jeff appreciates quality time with his loved ones, sudoku, or a Marvel movie marathon.