Pathways ServiceNow Support Services

What we do

Pathways has been helping guide our clients in supporting their NOW platforms for over 10 years via our ServiceNow Support Services. We have highly flexible support service options that can provide you with everything from remote administration helping to free up your team to full white glove treatment with a dedicated team of experts that manage all aspects of your platform for you. We do our absolute best to help you manage your Scope Schedule and Cost for maintaining your platform at the pinnacle of quality of services rendered to your ServiceNow end users. 

One of the original ServiceNow partners. Women Owned. Elite.  One of the best!


Who we are

  • Experts in ServiceNow Support services:
    • With over 350 unique support engagements to date
    • Achieving a 4.X ServiceNow customer satisfaction score
    • Dedicated to our clients with multiple clients continuing to work with us 7+ years
  • U.S. based resources highly trained and motivated to help you succeed within the NOW platform
  • Thoughtful leaders in the ServiceNow space who pride on ensuring expert level quality of service
  • Proven experts with team certifications and experience in all ServiceNow application suites: ITOM, ITBM, ITSM, CSM, SecOps, GRC, NOW App Engine, ITAM, Service Portal, and HR Service Delivery

How we help our customers

At Pathways, we are experts in consulting, focusing on the ServiceNow Support process and best practices to keep your platform free of technical debt and your business stakeholders both happy and operating efficiently by leading the charge with continuous support process improvement.

  • Remote instance administration
  • Strategic roadmapping
  • Focused architecture and development
  • Formal release management, SCRUM, and monitoring processes to keep your work moving timely and effectively through the platform
  • In-depth Business Analysis and Quality Control standards including BRDs, Mind Maps, Agile Development techniques and Automated Testing solutions
  • Helping provide guidance on what is  upcoming for the platform and areas of the platform that can benefit your business
  • Resident experts on Maintenance: Cloning, Patching, Integrating, and Upgrading with ServiceNow

Why Support Services?

There’s just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. Sometimes, all you need is another set of hands for:

  • ServiceNow Administration
  • Continual ServiceNow improvements
  • Application monitoring
  • Development and testing
  • Knowledge and guidance

“Be clear about your goal but be flexible about the process of achieving it”
– Brian Tracy