Success Story: Telecom

Contract and Asset Management

Pathways helped roll out the Asset Management application in a leading telecom organization’s ServiceNow environment. This new application will help the company run their business in a more organized, streamlined manner.

This organization’s original challenge was bridging the gap between contracts, asset, and the service offerings that manage the assets. Contracts and assets were stored separately and lacked the proper relationships to allow the data to be more organized in a centralized system. This inability to distinguish which assets were covered under specific service contracts resulted in the loss of potential revenue and unnecessarily added overhead costs.

By implementing Contract Management in conjunction with Asset Management, Pathways was successful in helping automate and synchronize the two systems.

During the presales process, members of the organization felt the team at Pathways truly understood their process, knew what they needed and how to translate it into ServiceNow. Pathways demonstrated how the solution would work in ServiceNow so that the organization could physically see how pieces of their process would look and exactly how their business needs would be met.

Streamlining their assets and contracts for their teleconferencing business will provide the visibility needed to charge customers appropriately and upsell contracts to their customers more efficiently. This solution will generate a quick ROI for their business while also paving the way for additional ServiceNow solutions. Going forward, the organization will be utilizing the ServiceNow platform to run their business and services on a single, end-to-end platform.

As the organizations’ trusted ServiceNow partner, Pathways is already designing the solutions that will solve other existing business challenges leveraging the power of the ServiceNow platform. By continually providing guidance and best practice recommendations, Pathways has helped transform the organizations’ mentality of reacting to challenges over to a mentality of proactively road-mapping future business goals. These are the conversations that industry leading organizations want to have and are getting to have thanks to the value of Pathways Consulting Group.