Success Story: Banking/Finance

Change Management

Pathways recently worked with a large client in the finance and banking industry to resolve internal difficulties and limitations surrounding a fractured Change Management process that led to a government mandate and a deadline for the unification of their processes.

This client has grown largely because of a variety of mergers and acquisitions. When businesses come together, they tend to inherit a variety of practices and sometimes struggle to a establish consistent, repeatable system across each line of business. Previously, the client was using a third-party solution that was inconsistent with overall business functionality and created variation in how different parts of the organization handled IT changes.

When the results of an audit showed these inconsistencies within the multiple Change processes, a government mandate was put in place to unify these processes. With a hard deadline set, finding a solution became a massive priority for the organization.

The Pathways team was chosen to implement ServiceNow as a single, unified platform to handle Change Management in an intuitive, consistent manner. This approach led to a single, repeatable, consistent Change Management process that aligned with the client’s best practices.

In addition to standing up and streamlining the client’s Change Management process inside of ServiceNow, the Pathways team has also begun the next phase of work: Adding additional applications the further expand the functionality of the the platform throughout the organization. These upcoming applications will integrate with one another, allowing for further consistency via new ticket types, providing an integrated, streamlined process across the whole organization.

At the time of go-live, the project has closed on time and under budget. By creating the new processes to unify their practices, the client now has consistent processes across their lines of business and have also scored highly on their ServiceNow Health Scan.

This client has committed to working with Pathways well into 2020 and beyond, comfortable in our relationship and confident they will be able to capitalize on the benefits ServiceNow and Pathways’ Support Services offer!