Creating custom solutions to everyday business problems with ServiceNow

At Pathways, we’re constantly striving to improve and to make each project better and more efficient than the last. Over the last year, we’ve developed a custom solution in ServiceNow that helps us track our internal and external feedback that’s allowed us to look back and identify any issues or potential process improvements.

Before we created this application, our team’s method of logging issues and tracking improvement possibilities was disorganized and difficult to track, leaving us unable to pull together all of our data in an easy-to-review manner. With our custom app, our findings are tracked in ServiceNow, allowing us to easily build lessons learned over time, giving us insight to project trends and tendencies, which allows us to react to issues, fix them promptly — and to do so without having to chase down relevant data.

At the conclusion of a project, our teams meet and discuss the data that was entered into this application, allowing us to talk through any challenges that we faced and how we can be better prepared in the future for similar challenges. After all responses are received, our team reviews everyone’s feedback and discusses what went well, what could use improvement and then open the floor to any additional comments or recommendations from our team and our clients.

Our lessons learned application is one of many custom applications we’ve built in ServiceNow. If your organization has a specific problem or process that’s being done manually, the Pathways team can help you create a more automated solution.

Find out more about how our team leverages ServiceNow for our specific needs — and how we can help your organization become more agile and less dependent on manual processes!