Evolve beyond audits with Certify Plus NOW: The future of IAM

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Don’t have ServiceNow? No problem! 

Traditional audits can be a time-consuming nightmare. Manual processes are prone to errors, and gathering proof for compliance can feel overwhelming.  But what if you don’t have ServiceNow yet?

Certify Plus NOW provides a digital transformation solution. Certify, Pathways’ revolutionary audit software, seamlessly integrates with the robust features of a ServiceNow environment. This complete package allows you to develop and configure a cloud platform for cross-department collaboration, making it easier, cheaper, and faster for your team to work together and drive your business forward. With Certify Plus NOW, you get access to customized reporting, streamlined audit solutions, power IT management, and best-in-class security and compliance. 

Unlock the full potential of your audit processes with Certify Plus NOW—where compliance is just the beginning.