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Adding values to a list field from a flow

Adding values to a list field from a flow

Adding values to a list field from a flow can be a little tricky. Here is an easy way to add new values without removing existing ones (if necessary), from a flow!

The list field I’m using here is called Infrastructure Request and I will be adding Request Numbers to it. The operations must be completed in the following order, or else it will just clear the ‘update field section’ in the flow (ie. the list of fields to be updated).

1: Perform a ‘Look Up Record’ action to get the list field you want to update.

2: Perform an ‘Update Record’ action for the field you want to update and add the data pill of the looked-up record list field. (So it will keep existing values in the list)

3: Then add the data pill of the new value you want to add after the pill you just added.
4: After you have both pills in the update field, you have to add a ‘,’ (Comma) after the first pill. (Can only add a comma after 2 data pills are inserted)

If done correctly you will have: (List field data pill) , (new value to add data pill) like shown below:


As a result, you should get the expected result. If these steps aren’t followed, the quirks of Flow Designer may cause fields to get wiped. Performing the actions as described will ensure fields are populated correctly.