Fast, effective ROI for your ServiceNow implementation

When you’re considering ServiceNow, your organization may want to see some ROI in a short amount of time. Pathways can help you see the value of the ServiceNow platform in a short timeframe via a straightforward development cycle of “crawl, walk, run” via Pathways’ QuickPath methodology.

In as little as four weeks, Pathways will lay the groundwork for your ServiceNow instance, including Incident, Problem, Knowledge, Request and Configuration Management.

QuickPath aligns with ServiceNow best practices and was molded with lessons learned over hundreds of Pathways-led implementations.

QuickPath benefits

  • Quick stand-up time of your new ServiceNow instance, resulting in less time to recognize the value of your investment

  • Development is aligned with ServiceNow best practices

  • Visibility throughout each step of the project

  • Customizations that fit your organization’s needs

QuickPath basics

A QuickPath project begins with an initial meeting to understand your current processes and review how they’ll function inside of ServiceNow. Pathways will walk through the requirements of the project with your team and begin developing your solution.

Pathways will set up touchpoints with your stakeholders to showcase the current state of the system and keep your team up-to-date on current timelines.

When development is complete, Pathways will begin our end-to-end testing process to ensure a defect-free environment for your go-live.

We’ll finish up the project by hosting training sessions to get your fulfillment teams and end users up-to-speed on how the system works, ensuring your staff has the knowledge they need to succeed in your new environment.

Learn More!

To learn more about QuickPath and to find out how Pathways can rapidly stand up your ServiceNow instance in just four weeks, reach out to us today!