Working from home? Here’s how to make it work

If you’re used to spending your workdays in a busy office, working from home is a much different environment, and it may not exactly be pleasing. If you’re formally used to working alongside a team, this is going to be an adjustment – but a fairly simple one.

At Pathways, there are several team members who work remotely from home 90% of the time. Here are some of their tips for staying productive and well-minded during the workday:


  • Establish a morning routine

Think of a morning routine as a cup of coffee for your body.

Get up, stretch, wash your face, put on a clean change of clothes, drink a cold cup of water, make a cup of coffee and buckle down.

You would be surprised at how much of a difference this will make on not just your productivity but your mindset as a whole

Having an established checklist before starting your day is much better than hitting snooze only to stay in your pajamas all day and feel groggy.


  • Set up a comfortable work space

Working from home has its own set of distractions you didn’t even know could exist. Whether it’s looking out the window, taking a stroll into the kitchen or daydreaming about anything other than work – the possibilities are endless.

While a counter top or kitchen table can make a good spot for a quieter household, it is recommended to invest in your own office furniture. A chair with good back support and a desk big enough to fit the essentials shouldn’t cost you too much.


  • Take a break when you can

A benefit of working from home is the fact that you can take a break whenever you want. Whether you are someone who gets way too immersed in their work or struggle to achieve a sense of productivity, a 15-minute break can get both of those mindsets on the right track. Even walking around the house can help.

If you have extra wiggle room, taking a 30-minute walk around the block is one of the best ways to clear your head and re-calibrate, especially if it’s a beautiful day outside. If the weather doesn’t permit, try reading a chapter or two of that book that’s been sitting on your nightstand. If you want to move around while maintaining a sense of productivity, do a load of laundry or pick up around the house.


  • Stay off your phone

Our phones are our easiest distraction. Scrolling through social media can turn into an endless gaze that feels like 5-10 minutes but can realistically last much longer. If your phone is in reachable distance, it’s very likely your mind is going to tell you to pick it up and look at Instagram, only to find yourself watching 20 straight cooking videos or studying a thread of celebrity profiles. However you find yourself using social media, none of it is good for the workday brain.

Try and leave your phone out of sight as much as possible. You would be amazed at how less you find yourself picking it up and more concentrated on your tasks.


  • Stay in touch with your team

Working from home can become lonely at times, especially if you’re used to having a super collaborative team with one another in proximity. Since meetings are now mostly virtual, set it up so you can see one another on camera. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it makes when you can see each other’s faces as you speak.


Although working from home is an environment that not everyone is comfortable with, it is what keeps us all safe and healthy during times like these. We’re all in this together!