We Care: Our supportive efforts for the Catherine McAuley Center

As we reflect on the unfortunate effects caused by COVID-19, it is very clear that hospital patients and the entire healthcare industry is in need the most. While this is true, there lies an entire community of non-profit organizations – and an even larger population of people who depend on them – who are depleted of the resources that they heavily depend on to get by.

Once social distancing rules and restrictions were put into place, fundraising events were cancelled which immediately left a huge financial burden on these organizations. Luckily, there are still opportunities to support your local charities and non-profits, without leaving your house!

This month, our We Care community outreach program focused on assisting the wonderful team of the Catherine McAuley Center (CMC) in Scranton, Pennsylvania. To avoid physical contact, a collection of monetary donations was submitted virtually and with the help of Amazon, we were able to additionally provide the items they needed right through the website.

The CMC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide as many women and children a safe space and the necessary support to help navigate a path towards a better life. Through educational and supportive services that promote stability, skill-building, and connection, offering hope and opportunity.

During this time, their main goal is to shed some light amid this time of uncertainty. Therefore, our team wants to offer our help any way we can so that these residents can have the chance to focus more on their families. Right now, the CMC is accepting both financial and in-kind donations such as nonperishable food items and any sanitation product possible.

Additionally, with more and more families moving into their shelter and housing program they are trying to provide all families with new bath and bed linens such as:


– Twin-size bedding (sheet sets, comforters/bedspreads, pillows)

– Towel and washcloth sets


Because of the Pennsylvania Department of Health guidelines, all donations must be new. If you would like to purchase one of the above in place of a monetary donation you can do so through Amazon and get it delivered right to the center at:


Catherine McAuley Center

430 Pittston Avenue

Scranton, PA 18505


During this time, it is crucial to not only spread positivity, but to also support those who need help the most. For more information on how to donate, visit the Catherine McAuley website here.

“Truthfully, any support – whether monetary or household items – means the world to us and to the families we care for. We can’t thank you and everyone at Pathways Consulting enough for reaching out to us! You are an amazing group, and we are so grateful. We look forward to the day when we can see each other in person again!” – Jenny, Catherine McAuley Center