The fascinating truth behind robotic surgery — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

Mary was nervous when a friend of hers recently prepared to undergo robotic surgery. But as soon as she did a little research, she found the results to be fascinating!

Although it is called “robotic surgery,” the surgery is not performed by a robot, but a surgeon who is in complete control of the robot as it translates their hand movements. The goal of robotic surgery is to remove or repair an abnormality without affecting surrounding healthy structures.

The surgeon gains enhanced precision, flexibility, control and vision and allows them to perform the most delicate and complex procedures that may have been very difficult or even impossible without the aid of the robot. Meanwhile, the patient enjoys a better clinical outcome with significantly less pain, lower risk for infection and blood loss, and a much shorter recovery period.

Some surgeries that are now being performed this way are:

• Coronary artery bypass.
• Cutting away cancer tissue from sensitive parts of the body such as blood vessels, nerves, or important body organs.
• Gallbladder removal.
• Hip replacement.
• Kidney removal and transplant

Mary shares her thoughts on this week’s Tech Watch segment on Women to Watch with Sue Rocco.

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