The change with Automated Testing Framework developers will be happy to see in Madrid

If you are a ServiceNow developer, then you may be familiar with the process behind testing your instance’s functionality following any changes or upgrade. The updates to the Automated Test Framework enables you to automate your own custom tests and confirm functionality prior to production deployments. The testing framework is adjustable and transferrable across all ServiceNow releases and can reduce testing timeframes while removing many of the risk variables associated with the upgrade process.

This new feature is great for testing form functionality and field validations, tracking test steps and laying out how a process might work. It has the ability to combine multiple tests into a suite and, as long as the framework can handle them, the ability to run through all of them. This can save a busy developer a lot of time!

In early March, the new Madrid release will add new functionality which further improves upon the Automated Test Framework. One new feature many developers will be happy to see is the introduction of Parameterized Testing.

In the London release of ServiceNow, developers have to create individual test cases for each scenario they would like to run. This process creates a new test for each set of data provided – costing the developer extra time and adding a large inconvenience for large-scale efforts.

Now, Parameterized Testing will provide the ability for test to be executed over and over again using different data sets and expected results. This makes testing data significantly easier by eliminating the use of duplicate test steps as well as allowing the Automated Test Framework to produce separate test results for each data set. For instance, if you are testing field functionality, you can test different values for Category and Subcategory fields in the same step while simultaneously validating functionality and expected results.

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