PTO made easy with ServiceNow

Before you pack your bags and take a well-deserved break, it’s important to make sure your PTO requests are approved and set to go.

With ServiceNow, that process is made quick, easy and organized with their PTO dashboard. Users can access the one-stop dashboard to schedule your own time-off and also suggest a suitable cover from among fellow members within the latest London upgrade.

If you’re just taking a day off or are requesting vacation time, the platform can be accessed quickly and easily by simply logging into your ServiceNow user account, clicking ‘Request’ and then inserting the appropriate dates.

Tracking PTO through ServiceNow is an automated process. Users can see how many more vacation, sick and personal days they have left, other employees who have requested off, how many employees are using time off, which days are being requested the most, etc.

Upon completing your request, it will be sent to your manager for approval. Once approved you will receive an email and you can start to look forward to some well-deserved time off!

Many users have reported positive feedback with this improved system. Will your business be the next? Click here to contact us for more information.