Pros of using Pathways for Co-Innovation

When you have a large project looming overhead, the last thing you want to think about is exhausting your team with more responsibilities or recruiting and hiring subpar contractors to do the work for you. If you find it challenging to understand and develop the vision for your ServiceNow platform, Pathways Consulting Group can help with Co-Innovation.

When utilizing our highly specialized staff augmentation service, you get the support you need from a team of high-level resources who know the ServiceNow platform. Receive assistance on a scalable, per-project basis with Co-Innovation from Pathways so you can focus on the bigger picture and your business goals. Below we look at the pros of using Pathways for Co-Innovation and how our ServiceNow support services can help you improve your daily operations. 

Traditional staffing vs. Co-Innovation

The rise of the contingent worker has exploded in recent years, partly due to the pandemic and partly due to staying competitive in a volatile marketplace. Contingent labor isn’t something new; this workforce is utilized by organizations requiring temporary employment from specialized workers on an on-demand basis. Contingent workers lend their skills and expertise to a business on a short-term or project-by-project basis to relieve pent-up demand while remaining cost-effective and efficient. With the Co-Innovation model, we can help you find the specialized workforce you need to get your job done quickly and accurately. 

Many business owners are inexperienced and apprehensive when it comes to their platforms. They look for dedicated ServiceNow support to help them determine their vision and goals to get the most out of their investment. Co-Innovation is ideal for these enterprises that aren’t confident about what they need but know they need help. They aren’t a ServiceNow expert, but our resources are. Our high-level staffing resources are assigned to help you make the best decisions and secure the best outcomes. 

With traditional staffing, a vendor is giving you augmented resources that you manage and find work for based on your direction. Traditional staffing is a losing solution if you aren’t already an expert in ServiceNow, as you won’t know what agenda to set. When you employ the Co-Innovation model at your organization, we actively participate and help drive your vision with an entire on-shore team with industry-leading ServiceNow consulting and real-world experience across multiple industries and workflows.

How your business can benefit from Co-Innovation

We realize there are just not enough hours to get everything done; sometimes, you need an extra set of hands or an expert opinion to perform your day-to-day tasks. If you’re ready for staff augmentation, we encourage you to try Co-Innovation. Whether you’re interested in working with a ServiceNow consulting expert or are curious about another position, Co-Innovation offers a pool of able and accomplished individuals for collaboration. Partnering with a trusted outside source with years of experience and resources that work with your schedule, your people, and your processes is a wise choice. And you only get that level of expertise with a company like Pathways Consulting Group. If you’re interested in learning more about Co-Innovation, contact us at 917-952-5004