Our May 2020 Employee of the Month – Brandon Couzens!


Congratulations to our May 2020 Employee of the Month – Senior Development Consultant Brandon Couzens!

Without a single complaint, Brandon will work around the clock and even on weekends to get the job done. He is consistent with his level of quality and his teammates speak very highly of him. Here are some of their comments:


“I’ve been in situations where I’ve worked the hours that Brandon has been working the past few weeks and it’s not easy. Considering how demanding the clients he works with are, he has been doing an unbelievable job.” 

“The guy is a beast. He has made the entire Request team see what it means to put in extra effort by working 50-60-70 hour work weeks in order to get everything done. He gets pulled in a million different directions and still manages to throw jokes out left and right to make meetings lighthearted and jovial. I can’t express how proud I am of him to step up to the plate and literally crush the challenges before him.”

“He maintains a positive attitude. When we had a conversation about the challenges of the project, his first remarks where about the team and that the team is committed. This shows that his thoughts about the team and not only what he does. He demonstrates our values by being exceptional and being a team player.”

“Brandon has pulled many late nights and weekends over the course of the last few months with May being no exception. Brandon has excelled and set a great example to the team during this time. He has put man hours in without complaint and has shined bright in front of our largest customer.”


Congratulations Brandon, very well deserved. Way to be Exceptional and Collaborative!!


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