Our Management Team

Frank Biancardi

Director of Delivery

Frank is in charge of all the delivery managers in the organization including Development, Business Analysts, Project Management, Production Support, and is also in charge of Resource Management. He is involved in the lifecycle of all projects from the sales cycle through the final stages of delivery.

"I feel motivated by being able to help shape and grow the company, working with so many people across the board every day."

In his spare time, he loves to go running, hiking, biking and loves music, concerts, playing guitar and the craft beer scene. His favorite memory at Pathways is watching our team win the annual CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge19!

Steve Uchic

Senior Manager of Delivery

Aside from working as a Developer, Steve manages the Developers, Testers and internal training groups while working alongside the other managers to define and document all of our processes, policies, and procedures!

"I believe that the culture at Pathways fosters individuals who are proud of the work they do, which makes coming to work each day feel rewarding and motivating."

In his spare time, Steve participates in leagues for horseshoes, pool, darts and bowling, and loves to be outdoors. His favorite memory at Pathways is when the team was rewarded for overtime hours by being treated to first row seats at the 50-yard line at a Philadelphia Eagles game.

Ben Rochinski

Support Services Manager

Ben ensures that the services our clients receive are delivered successfully. He loves to be able to support clients from all different arenas (financial firms, supermarkets, TV networks, healthcare, etc.), figuring out how those companies function and the unique challenges that comes with each.

"I love Pathways’ commitment to quality and the value of putting people first."

In his spare time, Ben enjoys wood working, golfing and spending time with friends and family. His favorite memory from Pathways is attending the Seahawks vs. Eagles game in Philadelphia (as a Seahawks fan).

Ed Thomas, MPM, PMP

Manager of Project Management

Ed oversees all phases of a project from its initial inception to its final close out. When it comes to a project cycle, Ed is persistent on making sure the client received value and is pleased with our service.

"I believe that the level of teamwork at Pathways is outstanding. Whether a team member is involved in a project or not, they will jump in to assist unasked."

In his spare time, Ed enjoys golfing and jogging. His favorite memory at Pathways is the hilarious Secret Santa gift exchange that takes place every year.

Armin Heinlein

Manager of Business Analysis

Originally from Germany, Armin started with Pathways as a Senior Technical Consultant before being promoted to his current role.

"I love working with such a different variety of clients and helping them improve their processes."

In his spare time, Armin enjoys scuba diving, cooking and volunteering with Braven – a program run by Rutgers University to help minority students prepare for internships and jobs after college.

His favorite memory from Pathways is the satisfaction he feels when he brings successful implementations to clients.

Tom Krivak

Client Training and Communication Manager

Tom is responsible for our client training programs -- from development of training plans, scheduling, execution and Q/A during the sessions -- and everything in between. He also manages our internal and external communication channels, including our website, technical blog, social media and various other pages and platforms.

"I think one of my favorite things about working at Pathways is our culture and openness," he said. "Even our new hires can talk with Mary and Jeff about whatever's on their mind. You don't see that at any other companies that I'm aware of. Our office also has one of the best vibes I've ever felt; it always feels like everyone is enjoying their day, no matter how much is on their plate."

One of Tom's favorite memories at Pathways was getting selected by Consulting Magazine for the #14 "Top Small Consulting Firm to Work For" award. "Going to Chicago to accept the award on behalf of other members of our team was an honor," he said. "I'm hoping we get a chance to climb up that ranking next year!"

Tom has a love for live music and going to music festivals. He's an avid Atlanta Braves fan since he was five years old, and baseball is still a passion of his, playing in a summer baseball league with a mix of college players and some guys well into their 50s. Whenever possible, he tries to golf as often as he can!

Brian Thomas

Principal Quality Consultant - Team Lead

Brian ensures that the product we are delivering is up to specifications based on the requirements a client has provided us.

"We are the last line of defense before handing off to a client for them to review, so quality is a top priority!"

A huge University of Michigan fan, one of his favorite things to do outside of work is to travel to their sporting events. His favorite memory from Pathways is moving from our small, not so great office to our new, spacious location, showing just how much the company has grown in such a short period of time.

James Trott

Delivery Manager

James works with all the Developers making sure the standard process to meet project deliverables is followed and that we are producing quality for clients. Having a huge passion for software development, James knew this was the position he wanted to be in since he was in high school.

"I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of a team who supports one another and to work for a company whose culture feels rare."

In his spare time, he enjoys tinkering with his at-home servers and plays on a recreational basketball league. His favorite memory with Pathways was winning the 2019 CreatorCon Hackathon at Knowledge 2019!

Joe Rimosites

Team Lead, Delivery

Joe is responsible for working with the new Developers, mentoring them with defining their goals and establishing a solid career map. Aside from being the Team Lead, Joe also leads client and development efforts for projects and day-to-day support.

A big fan of Minecraft and video games, Joe brings his fun, creative problem-solving skills to work every day. As a way to de-stress at the end of the day, Joe initiated a Nerf gun war among all the employees which has turned into an office favorite. When it comes to the team at Pathways, Joe feels like the people are easily the best part about the job.

“You can always ask. We always solve problems as a team so if you happen to walk by someone’s desk and listen in on a problem, everyone is welcome to join in. We’ve created many impromptu group sessions and have been able to come up with some really interesting, better crafted solutions.”