New ServiceNow New York feature: Dynamic Translation

ServiceNow’s New York release includes a new feature, Dynamic Translation, that allows users to translate text on-the-fly with the click of a button. Dynamic Translation introduces a seamless localization experience where users are able to translate dynamically-generated text without having to leave ServiceNow or even navigating away from the field itself.

In previous releases, developers and admins would have to create a custom solution or refer to third-party resources if they wanted to translate any dynamically-generated text in an application, (e.g., user-entered text on various forms, field labels, choice values, etc.).



To set up Dynamic Translation, just follow the simple steps from ServiceNow :

1. Navigate to any form (e.g., the Incident form)
2. Right-click the required field and select Configure Dictionary
3. In the Attributes related list, click New.
4. In the Dictionary Attribute form, fill the fields:
a. Attribute – Dynamic Translation Enabled
b. Value – true
5. Click Submit, and then Update.

Interested in learning more about Dynamic Translation and how to get it set up in your ServiceNow instance? Contact us today!