New in Madrid: ServiceNow Mobile Studio

In the transition from London into Madrid, there are a lot of new changes coming for developers. One of the new features coming with Madrid is the ServiceNow mobile platform and application.

According to ServiceNow, ServiceNow Mobile Studio will empower anyone to build native, mobile-first experiences. If you want a clear, concise, easy-to-use mobile interface should an incident pop up away while a technician is from their desk, or a quick calendar view to see what Change Requests are scheduled for the day, you can build these solutions and more in Mobile Studio.

What you build in the Mobile Studio can be transferred into another new application, ServiceNow Agent. ServiceNow Agent allows you to manage incidents, collaborate with your team, respond to approval requests, access knowledge bases and receive push notifications – all in one space.

The ServiceNow Agent application can be downloaded on Android and iOS platforms. ServiceNow Agent will allow users to access any of the “applets” you develop using Mobile Studio.

Want to learn how the Mobile Studio can make work, work better for your on-the-go teams? Contact a member of our team today!