Negative effects of social media on Gen Z girls — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

This week’s Tech Watch focuses on the negative effects of social media as Mary wraps up her series on how the Generation Z girl uses social platforms.

During her research, Mary found that social media creates a lot of anxiety for girls. Oftentimes, they’re the recipient of cyberbullying and are harassed by others which ultimately damages their self-esteem and reputation.

There is also a concern around sharing personal information, as this can leave the door open to predators and online scams.

There are some great web forums like Reach Out or Kind Campaign that provide insight and guidance for adults and Gen Z around the use of social media in the current day and age. These sites are geared towards teens who are looking for advice on how to handle different scenarios regarding bullying, stress about their future, lack of skills, etc. Mary’s advice is to get educated and share this information with children and teenagers. You might be shocked as to what else you can find!

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