Mary Manzo continues her discussion on the rising gender gap in technology

In this week’s ‘Tech Watch’ segment for Women to Watch with Sue Rocco , Mary Manzo continues her discussion on why there are fewer women in the technology industry and the rising gender gap.

In a 2010 research report from the American Association of University Women, it was found that women are generally turned away from technology careers because of existing environmental and social barriers like stereotypes, gender biases and overall atmosphere within university science and engineering programs.  These barriers continue to block women’s progress towards a more female-inclusive industry.

Mary is positive that when men and women work together in the same environment, the combination of mentalities can release more room for innovation. However, the percentage of women receiving computer science degrees continues to decrease every year.  To help break that cycle, several current women in tech are including gender equality programs and leadership development within their organizations.

One of these organizations is Women in Technology International, a global network of intelligent women who provide powerful programs and partnerships towards prospective women entering the field.  These positions help provide better mentoring, connections, resources, opportunities and support so women can feel more committed to the roles. The group’s goal is to inspire and advocate towards closing the gender gap and creating new interest in technology for young women.

Programs like Women to Watch are also working to inspire and encourage more women to pursue leadership roles worldwide while influencing women through their stories.

There continues to be an increase in women’s advocacy organizations and mentorship programs to this day. The main goal is to gain an increase in the total number of women entering the technology field.

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