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How to choose the right ServiceNow partner

You’ve decided you want to implement ServiceNow. Now you need to find the right implementation partner. There are many different partners to choose from, and finding a capable, certified ServiceNow partner can be a challenge. Not all implementation partners bring the same value, and you’ll want a counterpart that helps you capture the platform’s full capabilities and make the most out of your organization’s adoption. So how do you differentiate the average partners from the extraordinary ones? While there is no trick to finding the perfect partner, you can narrow down the field by taking a few calculated steps to make the process easier. Below our experts highlight four ways to find and select the right ServiceNow partner for your organization. 

Define What You Need from a Partner

Before you begin your search, you need to consider what you need from your implementation partner. Depending on your organization’s requirements, ServiceNow offers a partner portal designed to help you match with your perfect partner. Knowing your needs will help you evaluate, narrow down, and choose the best partner for your business. Other critical aspects to consider are the partner’s location and size, service focus area, industry specialty, and accreditations. Your partner should also be eager to share ServiceNow learning techniques and tactics to make the transition easy for everyone involved. 

Consider Your Budget 

Before making informed business decisions, consider your price range and budget. Think of your implementation partner as an investment for the future of your business processes. 

Look at Their Certifications and Accreditations

Always look at potential partners’ certifications. Registered ServiceNow partners must meet strict regulations that are frequently reassessed. ServiceNow verifies which providers have the necessary experience and expertise to deliver successful implementations based on: 

  • Product implementation expertise
  • Number of certified professional and authorized trainers
  • CSAT score
  • Customer success stories
  • Country and regional coverage 

If you’re struggling to make sense of the certifications, you can always prepare some questions to ask your potential ServiceNow partner, including:

  1. What accreditations do your employees have?
  2. What non-core module certifications do your employees have?
  3. How many employees have these certifications?

Alongside our dedication to delivering unparalleled ServiceNow expertise, our team includes a diverse group of exceptional people. In addition to certifications and expertise, our people have years of real-life experience implementing, maintaining and supporting the ServiceNow platform. We have earned and maintained a high customer satisfaction score for over a decade and are proud of our reputation for strategic and technical excellence as well as our flexible, collaborative approach and proven outcomes.

Check Out Their Implementation Experience 

There is no substitute for experience! A partner providing your organization with ServiceNow services must have implementation experience. Partners must have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the configurations, customizations, integrations, and requirements that a particular client might need. When they work on a similar project in the past to your implementation, it guarantees their level of expertise, saving you valuable time and money. 

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At Pathways Consulting Group, we are one of the leading companies delivering successful ServiceNow implementations, support, and training across multiple industries. Start your own ServiceNow learning adventure when you partner with us. If you’re ready to collaborate with a dedicated ServiceNow partner committed to your organization’s success, contact Pathways Consulting Group.