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How to boost ROI with ServiceNow implementation

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are searching for ways to streamline their processes, reduce the noise, provide excellent employee and customer experiences, and digitize workflows. What if we told you it is possible to accomplish all those things while boosting your ROI? It is with a ServiceNow implementation! With ServiceNow, you can strategically transform your organization, improve employee productivity, and augment business processes with this cutting-edge technology. Below our experts share best practices to boost the ROI of your ServiceNow platform.

Best Practices for Improving ROI for ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a digital experience that helps your organization work better through a single platform for end-to-end processes. It serves as the foundation for all digital workflows, providing a complete picture of your business application portfolio while connecting people, functions, and systems across your organization to help you make better decisions. ServiceNow can integrate with virtually any 3rd party system to collect and sync data, reduce emails, and improve automation. However, if you want to get the most out of your implementation and improve work efficiency, you should follow these best practices: 

Build a strong business case – Before implementing ServiceNow, a detailed roadmap, assessment, and cost-benefit analysis should be built and presented to the stakeholder for review and approval. Building a compelling business case can help you plan the adoption accordingly, considering your organization’s distinct needs and business objectives. 

Utilize phase-wise implementation – Businesses should consider a phase-wise deployment approach when adopting ServiceNow. Phase-wise installation enables the proper evaluation of all interconnections and dependencies between ServiceNow products and processes. 

Set up a timeframe for concentrated efforts – Organizations should define short and long-term goals they’d like to achieve using ServiceNow as well as identify a partner who has the necessary skills, capabilities, and expertise for the implementation.  

Align people, processes, and technology – ServiceNow is dependent on more than just implementing the correct technology. You must align your people and processes with ServiceNow solutions to maximize the effects and experience. 

Avoid too much customization – Too much customization isn’t always a good thing. Instead, your departments should work together to take advantage of ServiceNow features and optimize their value.  

Drive user adoption – Involve your users in the early stages of ServiceNow installation. By including everyone, you gain valuable insights into their needs and can better assist them in understanding ServiceNow and its capabilities. 

Reevaluate your strategy regularly – Your business processes, technology, and services evolve constantly, so it’s critical to regularly evaluate the role of ServiceNow to fully leverage the platform. 

Seek expert advice – When implementing ServiceNow, you should seek expert advice from a trusted ServiceNow partner. Your ServiceNow partner can oversee the rollout and ensure your digital transformation is smooth and successful.  

Improve Work Efficiency With Pathways Consulting Group

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