Generation Z and Social Media — Women to Watch: Tech Watch

There are approximately 2.6 billion users of social media and can produce both positive and negative impacts depending on how these applications are used. For Generation Z, or any individual born between 1995-2015, a world without smart devices is unknown. Some reports are indicating that Gen Z is spending nearly 3-4 hours a day using their smart devices, but at this point in time could be more.

After reading an emotional article about a young girl who was heavily bullied through social media, Mary felt that she had to address this growing issue that continues to impact our youth.

Social media can create a lot of anxiety for young girls. Harassment and other forms of cyberbullying are unfortunately common and can severely damage their self-esteem and even their reputation. Additionally, safety precautions regarding personal information is often overlooked which can leave the door open to predators or online scams.

In one survey, Mary saw that 85% of girls receive a friend request from strangers and 44% of those girls accept the requests. When do we know it’s time to acknowledge that all of this is a problem?

Mary urges listeners to get educated on this topic. Some findings can be shocking, and it’s important to keep our younger generations safe from online danger. For any questions, comments or concerns you can email Mary at

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