Success Story: Financial Consulting

Financial Management

Pathways has developed a successful, consistent relationship with a client in the legal consulting industry. Originally, the client requested Pathways’ assistance with a huge implementation that would have taken over eight months to complete. With consistent effort and flexibility, Pathways completed the effort in two months. After that initial implementation, the client continued to work with our team through a multitude of different projects.

Our most recent project took the client away from a manual process of tracking financial data of their purchases and budgets through multiple spreadsheets and databases. Based on the client’s requirements, it was determined that a custom application was the best approach to meet their needs and automate the process with utilization of ServiceNow’s Service Catalog.

Pathways redesigned and architected a sophisticated process that allows users to purchase pre-configured bundled items through CDW which seamlessly converts currency for 10 different countries.

Once the purchase requisitions are completed, a PDF is generated from the purchase order and is emailed to the vendor based on the pre-negotiated prices. In signifying the delivery of the requested items, this new process moved the client away from manually sending paper forms, allowing them to easily send and see the statuses of purchase orders with the click of a button instead of via email or printing a form and sending it via inter-office mail.

The client did an outstanding job working with us through all of these projects. Each implementation served as its own win for the client as a company. Our team assisted with streamlining and increasing their automation process, bringing all the different groups onto an upgraded platform.