ServiceNow Geneva Release: Are You Ready?

On Dec. 1, 2015, ServiceNow rolled out its newest release: Geneva. If you’re contemplating upgrading to the newest version of ServiceNow, there are a few questions your staff needs to answer in order to determine if you’re prepared to have a smooth, worry-free upgrade process.

Some new features in Geneva include:

  • Improvements to the Reporting application
  • Overhaul of the Project application
  • Inclusion of Cloud Provisioning and the management of virtual machines
  • Enhancements to Event Management, including a 100-200% improvement in throughput

Considerations before upgrading:

  • Are your current development efforts complete?
  • Are you prepared for a development freeze during the upgrade?
  • Do you have an upgrade project plan with a timeline, role assignments and regression test plans?
  • Is your staff prepared for defect remediation?
  • Do you have a full listing of all applications that were customized?
If an upgrade to Geneva is on your radar for 2016, reach out to the experts at Pathways and we’ll listen to your questions and address any concerns you may have about upgrading your ServiceNow instance.

With over 20 upgrades under our belt, we can help your team and organization understand the planning and execution phases and ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.