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Cancel transactions via URL

It’s happened to all of us – you’re working with a business rule that doesn’t quite seem to be doing what you need it to, so you incorporate a few log statements and start investigating. Days pass without a resolution. Maybe you want to take a look at the logs from a from a few days ago so you expand the script log to this month and…wait. Looks like the instance is locked up.

It’s not uncommon to deal with your session getting locked, and many are aware that there’s a handy “cancel all transactions” module. But what if you’re unable to interact with the instance at all, and thus unable to click the module to cancel? Well, there is still a way to stop the transaction and unlock your session without needing to start another session in another browser or a private window.

In the URL bar, input the following: 

This will cancel the transaction, and you can continue to troubleshoot without issue (of course, assuming you don’t accidentally recreate your issue).