Dennis Sinnott

VP of Services Sales

Dennis Sinnott, the Vice President of Services Sales at Pathways Consulting Group, knows that the customer’s trust is something to be earned and maintained from the first hello. He is passionate about developing authentic customer relationships and driving customer success.

Dennis is an accomplished sales leader with proficiency in developing and executing sales strategies and innovative business development plans to drive revenue growth and market penetration. He has over 25 years of sales experience, and is dedicated to solving complex business challenges through cloud and digital solutions that provide economic value and growth.

For the past decade, Dennis has been focused on ServiceNow, developing and implementing sales strategies to achieve business objectives, cultivate customer relationships, and drive results. Trusted by Executive Management in multiple companies to build strategic initiatives as well as lead tactical client engagements resulting in significant year over year revenue improvements.

When not at work, Dennis likes to do just about anything outdoors with his family and their dog.