Dennis Cline


Dennis Cline, the Chief Revenue Officer of Pathways, believes that problem solving is the engine for innovation, growth, and creating shareholder value. Dennis is known for always bringing his energy, experience, knowledge and humor to everything that he does. As a passionate and focused leader, he has led game-changing initiatives that have enabled companies to achieve dramatically new levels of success.

Dennis’ passion and love for the technology industry began over 35 years ago when after studying law, he was recruited by Microsoft sales and marketing. Over the years he has worked with many exceptional people and companies, and has been valued for his original perspective and insight. Dennis brings a proven track record in the enterprise application and software business to this role, with a successful history building and leading high performance teams to execute in highly competitive markets.

When not working, Dennis is likely to be found walking the dog, hanging outdoors with family and friends, or reading history and biographies.