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Transforming your audits with automation has never been easier

Certify: Access controls made easy

Certify is the ultimate identity access control solution from the ServiceNow platform you know and love. With simplified policy reviews, standardized access control certification, and seamless integration, Certify revolutionizes your audit experience. It automates audit access control, ensuring ease of use and implementation while providing a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses. With its comprehensive features, Certify simplifies the certification process, making it faster, easier, and less expensive than competitors.

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Reduce risks with Certify

Given the multi-user nature of today’s businesses, all organizations need an audit solution that guarantees effectively managed and highly regulated access control across your entire enterprise. This is where Certify ServiceNow integration can help! Easily analyze policy exceptions and access risk across all business applications throughout your entire organization. Reduce the cost and effort required to demonstrate access control effectiveness with Certify.

With Pathways, we make it easy to get:

  • Incredible time-savings
  • Reduced errors
  • Quick adaptation to new compliance regulations
  • Transparency
  • An auditor-approved solution