ATF: Step Configuration to Find Assigned To Value

workflow platform

In many workflows, someone is often assigned to carry out a task or request. In this article, we will discuss setting up a custom step configuration that will allow a user to obtain the Assigned To value of a given record. The user will input a table name and record ID. The record will be […]

Creating a new Theme in the Next Experience UI

Themes in the new Next Experience UI are made up of UX Styles and UX Theme records. In order to style a theme, you first want to create the UX style record that contains the CSS properties you want to include in the theme. In our case we will just be changing the banner on […]

Saving time with Certify Plus NOW

Pathways Certified

Your enterprise needs to be nimble in today’s dynamic business environment. But with that agility comes a lot of risks. Avoid facing compliance issues and ensure sensitive information remains protected at all times with Certify Plus NOW. Certify Plus NOW is our audit solution for user and privileged access that provides a robust framework to […]

Tech Watch: Mary Manzo discusses the lack of women in tech

The number of women in the field of technology is just a fraction compared to the amount of men. In the mid-1980s, women made up 37% of computer science degrees. Today, they only make up about 20%. Additionally, they make up less than 20% of U.S. tech jobs. In fact, as of 2018 there are […]

Mary Manzo questions technology in the classroom for this week’s Women to Watch

In this week’s TechWatch segment, Mary Manzo discusses technology in the classroom and how it could affect future time management skills for students. In the journal Educational Psychology, it was found that students who had cellphones or laptops present while a lesson was being taught scored half a letter grade lower at the end of […]

Service Portal: Overview

If you or your team has used the ServiceNow Service Portal only to open Requests or Incidents, then you’re missing out! Follow our Service Portal Overview and learn how to look at Knowledge articles and even search for items or answers to questions you might have:  

Creating Reports in ServiceNow

Reports are some of the most powerful items you can create in ServiceNow. Leveraging reports for your most critical information — and having them available on your homepage and other dashboards — ensure that you have the information you need whenever you need it.