ServiceNow application spotlight: Visual Task Boards

When your tasks pile up and you try to stay organized, how are you keeping track of your progress? Are you a traditional pen to paper note taker or do you use an online checklist? Either way works, but ServiceNow offers a great tool for staying on top of your day to day responsibilities. Visual […]

ServiceNow application spotlight: Virtual Agent

virtual support

We understand that recent events might have your team looking for new processes or applications that will benefit your working from home environment. If you are a ServiceNow user, you know the platform offers an endless number of solutions that are dedicated to making your day to day more efficient. Working from home sometimes isn’t […]

Investment Funding from ServiceNow

Organizations must do more than just operate – they also must grow and evolve to tackle challenges effectively and keep up with an increasingly unpredictable business environment. With technology more widely used and implemented than ever before, business expectations are skyrocketing. When attempting to effectively form a budget for projects, how do you ensure your […]

What exactly is “big data”?

  It’s a common situation to be browsing for a specific item online, only to come across an advertisement for that exact same item on social media that same day. This is a prime example of how big data does its job! Big data refers to data that is so large – it’s nearly impossible […]

Keeping your CMDB healthy – Tips and tools to take note of

A Configuration Management database (CMDB) is the trusted source of knowledge across an entire organization. It provides a clear understanding of an organization’s critical assets such as hardware, software, personnel, documentation and any combination between them. When implemented properly, it can bring huge benefits to a business as it grows. If you’ve established a CMDB […]

New in New York: Innovation Management

Sometimes a really great idea can go unnoticed if employees aren’t encouraged enough or the proper platform isn’t in place. The new Innovation Management application in ServiceNow’s New York release introduces a whole new approach to the Idea phase of a project that will help deliver business outcomes much more efficiently. Prior to this improvement, […]

Useful resources for coders – from our developers

At Pathways, our team of developers spend a majority of their day working with various scripts of code. This includes JavaScript inside of ServiceNow or any number of programming languages that are utilized during client engagements. If you are a developer yourself, then you understand how the right tool can make coding that much easier. […]

Project Portfolio Management in ServiceNow: The benefits you should be leveraging

When  you think of project management, you probably think of Microsoft Project. However, if you’re a ServiceNow user, you might want to take a look at the powerful PPM suite inside of the platform — the benefits may surprise you! For starters, you can import MS Project files directly into Project Management, so migrating from […]

New ServiceNow New York feature: Dynamic Translation

ServiceNow’s New York release includes a new feature, Dynamic Translation, that allows users to translate text on-the-fly with the click of a button. Dynamic Translation introduces a seamless localization experience where users are able to translate dynamically-generated text without having to leave ServiceNow or even navigating away from the field itself. In previous releases, developers […]