Mary Manzo

Partner and COO

In Carmine Gallo’s book, Five Stars, he says “Aristotle believed that without human connection, we have no community. Without community, there can be no happiness. And if we’re not happy, we will fail to flourish.”

As a founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Pathways Consulting Group, Mary and her business partner, Jeff Giovinazzo, believe that it is important for the team at Pathways to feel as though they are part of a community. By empowering employees to be a part of the decision-making process and providing transparent company goals, Pathways has been naturally successful. These values are the reason that the company has been so fortunate in attracting extremely talented team members to their Pathways community.
Mary Manzo at Knowledge18

Pathways Consulting Group is an IT consulting firm helping Fortune 1000 companies lower their costs through process improvement and automation by leveraging ServiceNow cloud technology.

Excellent Service is crucial to the success of Pathways and client projects. Therefore, Mary works every day to improve Pathways’ processes so they can earn the loyalty of their clients. “We have an 85% retention rate of our clients, which we take great pride, and have an average score of 9.8 out 10 on customer satisfaction, but I believe we can always do better and will continue to listen to our clients to continue to be one of the top-performing ServiceNow service providers of Enterprise Service Management.”

In her first role some 20 years ago as operations manager of a small IT Infrastructure Services firm in New Jersey, Mary embraced the CEO’s goal: To achieve $100 million in annual revenue in 10 years. Taking on more and more responsibility in multiple roles — including a seat on the leadership team — Mary helped grow the firm from an annual revenue of just under $700 thousand to an impressive $150 million in 11 years.

She is a firm believer in the catchphrase that you do not need to reinvent the wheel when others have paved the way. Learning through the successes and failures of others can help fast forward the path to success if you’re willing to listen. Passing on her knowledge through mentoring young business owners is a great passion for Mary.

In her spare time, Mary helps small businesses overcome business challenges. Recently, over an 18-month period, Mary was able to take a failing local food service business from $30K in annual revenue to cash flow positive by transforming it into an internet food service business that serves the tri-state area. This organization is currently trending towards more than seven figures of annual revenue.

But Mary’s greatest passion is in helping women transform their dreams into profitable businesses. She shares her talents and story of success to provide help and support towards other women and young girls dreaming of a successful career and lifestyle in business.

Mary is a supporter of the ALS Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

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